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Visual Studio
Microsoft Visual Studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) from Microsoft. It can be used to develop console and graphical user interface applications along with Windows Forms applications, web sites, web applications, and web services in both native code together with managed code for all platforms supported by Microsoft Windows, Windows Mobile, Windows CE, .NET Framework, .NET Compact Framework and Microsoft Silverlight.
Learn c sharp in 3g management
C Sharp
C# is the main programming language of the Microsoft .NET framework and has had millions of dollars spent developing and promoting it. In under 6 years it has become a rising star and may yet rise to rival Java.
AJAX live projects in mohali
The term Ajax has come to represent a broad group of web technologies that can be used to implement a web application that communicates with a server in the background, without interfering with the current state of the page. In the article that coined the term Ajax
sql2005 live projects for students
SQL 2005
Microsoft SQL training is important to learn all about the different versions of this program. And, once the class is taken it is important for technicians to continue their education when new versions of SQL are available. For example, SQL 2005 training is necessary for techs to understand all the ins and outs of the Microsoft SQL Server 2005. It is worthwhile to take SQL 2005 training classes because it keeps you up to date and improves your income. When you take a class of this nature you will learn about some of the key features of Microsoft SQL 2005.
web development
Website Designing
Logo Designing
Graphic Designing
Banners and Posters
On Page SEO
Off Page SEO
Web 2.0 and 3.0
Core Java
Advanced Java
C with Data Structure
OOPS Using C++
SQL Server 2005
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