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Microsoft.NET is a set of Microsoft Software Technologies for connecting Information, Systems and Devices. The .NET framework helps in Enterprise - Level Integration using Enterprise Servers and Services. The Development Framework helps in building the internet and Intranet solutions for cross-platform integration. The powerful GUI Development Environment supports development and integration of Web application and Web services using multiple languages. The .NET Technologies are based on the Microsoft.NET framework and use the .NET features to develop Web Programs, Web Application, Web Services, Console Applications and Windows Applications.

Visual Basic.NET 2008

Course Content

• .NET Fundamentals
• Common Language Runtime
• Introduction to Visual Basic .Net
• Programming in Visual Studio .Net
• Programming Concepts
• Writing Procedures
• OOPs in Visual Basic.NET
• Inheritance, Polymorphism and Interfaces
• Exception Handling
• Working with Forms
• Advanced Windows Application
• Data Access using ADO.NET
• Components and Interoperability

C#.NET 2008

Course Content

• Introduction To C#
• Developing C# Application using VS
• Variables and Expressions
• Flow Control
• Introduction to OOPS
• More About Classes
• Events
• Advanced Windows Forms Features
• Introduction to GDI+
• Data Access with ADO.NET
• Working With Files in C#
• Assemblies in .NET
• Integration and Interoperability


ASP.Net course is designed for developers who have a good knowledge and expertise in .NET Framework 2.0 / 3.5. The developers who want to get in-depth knowledge in Web application technology and data access in Web applications.

Our practical oriented training and course material is designed to help you to have in-depth knowledge in ASP.Net. Enroll in our course today and progress towards a professionally satisfying and rewarding career.

Course Content

• An Introduction to ASP.Net
• Microsoft.Net Framework 3.5
• Working with Visual Studio 2008
• ASP.Net Web Form Pages
• Advance ASP.Net Controls
• Runtime Programming with Controls
• Creating reusable code
• Data Access using ADO.NET
• Data Access Controls
• AJAX Framework
• Using AJAX to create interactive user interface
• ASP.Net Applications
• ASP.Net Sessions
• Working with ASP.Net Applications
• Web Services
• Custom Controls

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Web 2.0 and 3.0
Core Java
Advanced Java
C with Data Structure
OOPS Using C++
SQL Server 2005
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