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  Oracle 10G  

Oracle Database 10g is Oracle’s largest introduction of new functionality and is Oracle’s most innovative release, leading the database industry into new ground in clustering, automation, high availability and more. Oracle Database 10g Administrator Certification combines training, experience, and testing to ensure that you have a strong foundation and expertise in the industry’s most advanced database management system.

Oracle Database 10g Database Administration course includes basic and advance level administration tasks which are useful for managing the database. This course includes two modules Oracle Database 10g Administration Workshop I and Oracle Database 10g Administration Workshop II. Once Workshop I is completed, Candidate is eligible for Workshop II.

Oracle Database 10g: Administration I

Course Content

• Install Oracle Database 10g and configure a database
• Manage the Oracle instance
• Manage the Database storage structures
• Create and administer user accounts
• Perform backup and recovery of a database
• Configure Oracle Net services
• Monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain a database
• Configure Oracle Net services
• Move data between databases and files

Oracle Database 10g: Administration II

Course Content

• Use RMAN to create and manage backup sets and image copies
• Recover the database to a previous point in time
• Use Oracle Secure Backup to backup and recover a database
• Use Oracle's Flashback technology to recover your database
• Detect block corruptions and take appropriate measures to correct them
• Use the various Database advisors and views to monitor and improve database performance
• Control database resource usage with the Resource Manager
• Simplify management tasks by using the Scheduler
• Review database log files for diagnostic purposes
• Customize language-dependent behavior for the database and individual sessions
• Implement a secure database
• Transport data across platforms

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