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3G Info Management, a dynamic, multi- dimensional, transnational service Organization. Having evolved a unique blend of service verticals which are structured to provide effective solutions to corporations and the youth of India. 3G Info Management provides cost effective solutions in variety of fields of software utilization. We bring with us a uniqueness of its own, linked to concept creativity regarding development and designing of websites like no one else does. Also specializing in Human Resource Management which is the most strategic and valued asset of any company. Our soft skill management training makes you achieve those levels where no common person dares to tread.

The 3G Info Management team has proven experience across a broad range of business application areas using both open and closed source software technologies. As a well managed team 3G Info has demonstrated expertise with varied technologies and proven ability to deliver on customer's needs. At the same time 3G team posses a deep experience in developing customized business ready applications leveraging best-in-class open source projects in order to bring these solutions to market on a common platform. Our forte lies in an exceptional blend of excellence and timeliness which we strive to deliver every time thus our saying "If we don't have the solution the problem never existed", justifies this statement to the full. Also, we maintain a level of our client's standard of utmost quality and also facilitate secure transactions for making business quicker and better. State of the art infrastructure, a proficient team, contemporary technology, a pool of unequaled potential and a motivating work environment not only helps us to abide by the standards promised but also ensures superior performance which strengthens the bonds we build through technology.

3G Info Management approach to Web/Software development differs from that of most other vendors because our processes break away from traditional, narrowly-focused methodologies; clients working with us can expect the best service, rapid development, and a frank open dialog. 3G like to work closely with our clients in meeting their requirements. Our clients will at all times speak directly with our developers and technology leaders. Everyone at 3G Info Management has extensive experience in Web/Software technology and shares their knowledge with our clients, on a one to one basis.

web development
Website Designing
Logo Designing
Graphic Designing
Banners and Posters
On Page SEO
Off Page SEO
Web 2.0 and 3.0
Core Java
Advanced Java
C with Data Structure
OOPS Using C++
SQL Server 2005
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