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  Why Us  

The Core Team at 3G Management share their views-
Knowledge is, for the most part, the shared intangible asset on which growth, development and prosperity is based. Though there are proprietary market add-ons designed to create or enhance incentives for innovation, the broad corpus is augmented, shared and transmitted through an extraordinarily complex and evolving set of institutional arrangements that include educational institutions, firms, multinational organizations, and governments. It has long been known that knowledge is an "unusual" economic commodity, in that if you have it and you give or transmit it or even sell it to me, then we both have it. The costs of creating the knowledge are a lot higher than the costs of sharing it. If it is priced efficiently to cause the sharing to occur, the incentives to produce it may be damaged, and vice versa.

Solutions have combined the inculcation of values, trust, incentives, partial use of market mechanisms, institutions and public sector investments. It is a work in progress as new challenges arise, but also an extraordinary success story.

But many would argue that the most challenging problems are those associated with knowledge and information.

Here at 3G Management Services our core team have had a major impact on this understanding. What we share is not a new idea. What is important is that people and societies find ways through organizational structures and arrangements, political and other institutions, values, incentives and recognition, and the careful management of information, to solve these problems. Hence we with our collaborative and never say NO attitude have found numerous ways to find solutions to all your needs and problems. The reason we say "If we don't have the solution the problem never existed."

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